Tunnelling under Stonehenge

The news that the government has agreed to tunnel under Stonehenge is appalling on a number of levels.

Firstly, the government has ignored professional advice and bodies such as the International Council on Monuments and Sites UK.

Secondly, while Stonehenge may not have a direct connection to ancient druids, it is still one of the most important historic sites in Britain. It should not have a tunnel put under it, especially a shallow one through unstable chalk and one that will surely undermine the stones in the long distant future.

Finally, the idea that widening roads will reduce congestion is flawed. While there are usually short term reductions in congestion there is a longer term increase in traffic often leading to further congestion with more vehicles.

While the US and Caribbean suffer the aftermath of climate change enhanced hurricanes, the UK government ploughs ahead with more road building and therefore more CO2 emissions.


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