Rule Britainnia

Sadly I haven’t got Sky Atlantic so I’ll have to wait for the box set of Britannia however I was surprised to see OBOD dissing it in the media last weekend. I wouldn’t expect a drama of this type to be particularly accurate and certainly not to reflect the position of modern Druidry. It is akin to portraying Christians as wife stoners based on specific passages in the old testament. Whether or not either are historically accurate is not the issue – life has moved on.

Sure, it would be good to have a documentary on the British pre-Roman Druids, but we also need a bit of artistic licence to be able to create exciting stuff for TV.

If we want to reflect the current state of Druidry in the media then we have a long way to go though. My latest complaint remains unanswered by the BBC and they have just told me that I will have even longer to wait.

On the positive side my petition to have Pagan voices on the BBC has now exceeded 1500 signatures. I will need to think about how this will be delivered, suggestions please – let’s make this fun!!!

One thought on “Rule Britainnia

  1. I am a bit amused by it all to be honest, and perhaps a little baffled. The thing is, we don’t even really know how the celtic druids lived over 2000 years ago… we have snippets of information, passed down and no doubt distorted over time. To me, that’s never been the point of modern druidry in the first place, it’s not about (and can’t really be) about recreating the past. It’s a living, growing spiritual path, where everything changes, all the time. And yes, Britannia is clearly fiction and drama for entertainment – and what’s wrong with that?


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