Stonehenge and the A303 consultation

The hard, textured megaliths of Stonehenge stand in stark contrast to the soft pink and yellow skies of sunset

A shiny new tunnel under Stonehenge to make the landscape quieter?

A bypass for Winterbourne Stoke to take the fumes away from the town?

Better traffic flows to the South West to boost their economy?

A major infrastructure project for us to be proud of?

Highways England are consulting on their proposed A303 “improvements” and want us to have our say on them. I urge you to do so and you have until 6th April 2018 to have your say.

Highways England are there to “operate, maintain and improve England’s motorways and major A roads”. They have a single purpose and it does not involve understanding or protecting or respecting our Mother Earth.

While the impacts of traffic on the environment (including us) are appalling, the wider impact of our economy is even worse. Our overblown and unsustainable economy is the core driver (pun intended) of the damage we are doing. A scheme that is designed to increase traffic and boost the economy is therefore one that will hurt the Earth.

As a Pagan I want to live as part of the Earth not continually destroy, despoil and degrade her. I want to see fewer cars and lorries on the roads, I want to see a refocused economy that is not driven by consumption, I want to see humanity start to have a relationship with the Earth but I want to see us realise that this relationship is not with a separate entity but that we are part of the Earth and what we do to our environment we do to ourselves.

That is why I have objected to the proposed “improvements” to the A303.


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