It’s a Wonderful Earth

George Bailey devotes his life to others, a hero of his community, but he becomes disillusioned and tries to take his own life only to be saved by an angel and to take he place at the centre of his community. The 1946 film “It’s a Wonderful Life” is certainly one of my favourites and it tells the tale of human kindness and connection.

However, as far as the Earth is concerned, humans aren’t being that kind mostly because the majority continue to see a separation between themselves and the world of which they are an integral part, a separation partly driven by corporate greed. But today is Earth Day, a global day to “diversify, educate and activate the environmental movement worldwide”, i.e. a day to start being kind to the Earth.

Our capacity for kindness and connection, so beautifully portrayed in Frank Kapra’s classic Christmas film, needs to be extended beyond its usual human dimension into the wider world around us. So what better day to start this is there than Earth Day?

John Halstead has been publishing his 21 ways to celebrate Earth Day over on Pray With Your Feet (I particularly like the one about not using the type of list he has set out…). At the core of his suggestions is the rejection of the consumerist / capitalist society that we live in, the building of communities, re-connection with self and nature and the need to take action to protect the world around us. His suggestions are based on taking actions, a currently under-emphasised concept in Druidry, so I find them particularly welcome.

So today especially I urge everyone to go outside and to sit and listen. It doesn’t matter whether you live in an eco-house in the wild lands or a flat in the centre of London. The conscious world, Nature and Earth is all around you. The lone tree on the side of the road needs your connection, even the concrete in the pavement around the tree is part of this conscious world. Reconnect with it, listen to it and ask it what you can do to help. You are part of it.



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