Last four mature trees felled in Sheffield city centre

A message and photo from Green Councillor, Alison Teal today: at 6am on Sunday 20th May, Sheffield City Council saw fit to fell the last four mature trees in the city centre she said.

Sheffield Council are felling 17,500 trees across the city. According to the Sheffield Tree Action Groups (STAG): “Trees with many decades to live are being destroyed, ignoring the advice of the Council’s own Independent Tree-Panel and maximising Amey’s profits.  “

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Trying to convey my disbelief at the pointless destruction of these non-human people is quite difficult. Trees provide us with life, oxygen, food and other types of fuel. They talk to each other through the soil and they help cleanse our polluted air. They should be cherished and nurtured.

I expect the council will claim the felling of them at 6am on a Sunday was to ensure the public were not put in danger. I suspect the real reason is to protect those people cutting them down from the public.

This is horribly political too. The Labour run council responsible for the tree massacre paused the felling on 28th March just as local elections got underway. That helps with their narrative on the doorsteps… Now the elections are over they have started again. Politically disgusting treatment of the electorate.

I shall be saying a prayer for Sheffield this evening and for the Green councillors who are leading the battle to save those trees.

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