Walking the walk

Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring edges closer every year. Our wildlife is disappearing at an alarming rate and the countryside is becoming a sterile apology as decades of monoculture, pesticides and agro-business grind species out of existence. It was good to see Chris Packham’s piece in the Guardian talking of our increasingly “green and unpleasant land” and his warning of an ecological apocalypse.

The Guardian article was put on a Druid forum with a comment that:

“As Druids especially, imo, it’s vital that we all do our bit to wake up our communities.”

This is key.

While many in other religions with their focus on salvation of human animals are working to help the poor and vulnerable in society, we Druids have a wider focus in our Earth centred religion.

There is continued good work by The Warrior’s Call. The Dragon Environmental Network provides some, er, networking. But Druidry as a whole, IMHO, needs to become more active in our local communities and be more organised in our overall efforts.

Active Druidry is putting our beliefs, ethics and morals into action. It is an embodiment of Druidry. It is demonstrating to our Gods and Goddesses that we care about them. It is putting our words into action, walking the walk, not just talking the talk.

Chris Packham is quoted as saying: “We need a peaceful public uprising. We need people to say we’ve had enough. We do that every time there’s a terror attack. We need a similar movement for nature. We need people to stand up and say we want action now. We have the ability to fix our countryside.”

I couldn’t agree more. It is time that we, as Druids and members of all Earth based religions, increased our collective efforts to wake up those around us to try to stop the continued sterilisation of our land, sea and sky.


2 thoughts on “Walking the walk

  1. Wrycrow

    The question is whether it would be more effective to do this as out-and-proud Druids (while being aware that not all who call themselves Druid care for environmental activism, and that doing anything as an open Druid or Pagan can invite ridicule) or as individuals, who happen to be inspired by Druidry but don’t necessarily make their Druidry public?


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