Human interest stories vs the real issues

England through to the semi finals, the cliff hanging rescue of the boys from the water filled cave, David Davis resigning and throwing the government into turmoil, a death by nerve agent poisoning: emotionally charged stories have filled our news feeds this weekend.

While these human interest stories abound, there is one story that almost always gets overlooked. The ecological collapse that is happening around us and is of or own making.

CO2 levels are at 410ppm this morning. When I was at school they were 330ppm, just a few years ago (May 2013) they exceeded 400ppm for the first time. Wild fires rage out of control in the north of England but they don’t feature highly on the news just a few hundred miles south. Siberia is 20C above normal this week and there are 100 dead in the Japanese floods. Now China is pumping banned CFCs out that will open up the ozone hole.

It’s a particularly bad week for the planet but the planet will survive, it is the animals, particularly us humans, who will suffer most.

While I watch the xenophobic idiocy of England fans trashing an Ikea store to celebrate a football victory over Sweden, I find myself asking whether human animals have got the intelligence to survive.

The need for a dramatic change in attitude / consciousness / approach to life has never been greater. It will happen too, either we will collectively wake up and change ourselves or the planet will do it for us.


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