Why bother?

Last weekend I ran a small workshop at Druid Camp on activism and Active Druidry. One of the questions that was asked during the discussion was “why bother”, i.e. the human experiment has failed and we are pretty much doomed so what is the point in campaigning to protect the Earth?

It is a good question. Maybe we should spend our end days enjoying life. Partying like it’s 1999! That would be good fun and lift our spirits.

Perhaps we should focus our lives on quiet reverence of the Earth and our gods? Acting in reverence of the Earth and our gods is always a good idea – it helps keep them happy…

And any external campaigning is not going to make a difference to the final outcome as we have inflicted too much damage so far. Or will it? Maybe it will? If nothing else, maybe it will help us find some techniques to survive the coming dark days?

But I think we need to ask ourselves a religious question: Should we be acting in reverence towards the sacred Earth?

Even if the Earth is a bit hacked off with what we have done to her and starts to end our existence so that she can return to a more stable ecosphere, she is still sacred. So are there any circumstances under which we should not act in reverence? Are there any circumstances when we should stop trying to protect her by changing the way human animals act? I think the answer to both is no.

Humanity has spent the past few hundred years assaulting the Earth at a level that it has not experienced from us before. We have been shitting in our own bed for too long. The bed needs cleaning and we can’t do that unless we stop defecating in it!

For us the Earth is sacred. It matters not whether our time here is coming to an end or not, our relationship with the sacred needs to be right. Catholics get the last sacrament before death, they don’t shout “fuck you god, I refuse to die”. To do so would be futile and probably counterproductive if Catholics are right.

“There is nothing more spiritual than a radical activist life” says John Halstead. Let’s try to keep that in mind as we live our lives in these end days. Let’s try to keep our relationship with the sacred a right one.



4 thoughts on “Why bother?

  1. Ryan Cronin

    Absolutely! We do what we can to help the earth heal and to walk lightly through our lives precisely because the earth is sacred, not because we might stand to gain anything from doing so. I don’t believe these are the end of days for humanity, I have more confidence in our resilience as a species than that, but the current and future situation will require us all to make some big changes at a societal level, and changes in our foundational worldview and relationship with the earth. As pagans, I’d like to think we’re ahead of the curve here.

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