How’s things?

Alright? Well, it could be better:

  • Climate change
  • Brexit / Trump
  • Plastic
  • Fracking
  • Sixth mass extinction…

John Halstead recently blogged on Gods and Radicals “What if it’s already too late?”. This idea was explored in my last blog post too and Mark Green asks “What if we are all screwed?” on Atheopaganism.

The climate stats in particular suggest that we have lost the fight to stop catastrophic climate change. Even just typing that is hard as it depletes hope.

So let us ask again, what if it’s already too late?

What should we do? I suggested last week that partying like it’s 1999 is probably not the right thing to do. Simply rubbing salt into the wounds of the Earth is hardly a reverential way of treating something that we see as sacred!

So what then? Two things:

Firstly, humans will survive. We may be down to a few small pockets in time but we are highly resilient and adaptable. What those people will need is knowledge of how to live in a sustainable way. This is something we can try to help with. We have that knowledge now even if it is fragmented and not put into practice. We need to be putting it into practice when we can and we need to be spreading that knowledge to as many people as possible.

Secondly, we need to treat the Earth – our mother – with the respect she is due. This means more than living sustainably. It means living in right relationship with her. It means understanding our place on the Earth and it means honouring her through ritual, prayer and action. It means Active Druidry, both living in an honourable way and campaigning to protect the Earth where necessary.

One thought on “How’s things?

  1. Ryan Cronin

    Exactly. We kep going and do what we can even if we can’t win. Creating hope in the face of hopelessness is what it is to be human. We can still dream of a better tomorrow even if that tomorrow never comes.


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