Jailed for defending the sacred Earth

Our sacred Earth is under attack yet three of those who chose defend it peacefully have been jailed. The Earth is not just under attack from random individuals or a terrorist organisation seeking to despoil the thing that we hold sacred, the Earth is under attack from our government, the judiciary and corporations.

The jailing of the three protestors at Preston New Road yesterday has appalled me. Indeed, this blog post is a day late as words failed me yesterday. I’ve long been aware of the games the government and police play to prevent dissension, but by and large the judiciary have been even handed. This was sadly not the case yesterday.

Just to remind people of what these three did (there were four but one received a suspended sentence). These people used their bodies to defend our most revered thing, the Earth that we are part of and who is part of us, the Earth that feeds and nourishes us, the Earth that is our home. They tried to stop the injection of millions of gallons of poisonous fluid deep into the ground which would release methane from the shale, methane which is then burnt to produce power and which accelerates climate change.

After a summer which started with the government rushing through a last minute agreement to allow fracking at the site and a summer which has been one of the worst globally for climate change induced weather disasters, the actions that these three men took make them heroes. They did not terrorise anyone, they did not attack anyone, they simply climbed on to lorries to prevent them moving.

These men comprised of a piano restorer, a teacher and a soil scientist. Their actions caused mild disruption to the people living nearby but they stopped the lorries for four days. They deserve respect not jail time.

Next week people I know are in court after stopping a deportation flight. They are facing even greater charges. My thoughts and prayers are with them and the PNR four as our totalitarian state grows in power.

I hope there is appeal against this appalling travesty of justice.

I will be at Preston New Road next month.


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