Return of the Oak King

I have to say, it’s been a shit few months – mostly. No blogging, no activism and little political work. I missed the start of the Extinction Rebellion and have failed to get the Order of the Oak launched. The severe illnesses that my close family and friends have had have taken their toll on me. It’s really not been great. There have been a few highs which I am so grateful for and which have kept me going.

The final quarter of the calendar year is a time of death, a time of retraction. The leaves fall from the trees and the landscape enters its winter hibernation. Samhain heralds death to the old and weak. The frosts arrive and chill us to the bone. The Holly King is at his height. Sometimes the best we can do is retreat and wait.

We wait until the winter solstice. The solstice is a double celebration for me as it marks both my birthday and the return of the Oak King. For having my birthday at that time I am truly thankful!

There was an awakening at the solstice. Just a gentle stirring that I need to stop hiding and start working again. I have to wake from the slumber, there is work to do.

The Order of the Oak needs to be born into the world of Druidry. Green politics needs every activist we can muster. The planet needs every one of us to fight for it and to honour it.

I’m stretching my sleepy bones, yawning in the mist filled air and wondering where the past few months have gone. Good morning all!

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