The world continues to burn. Here in the Garden of England in February we have been sitting outside in T-shirts in +18C. A few weeks ago in the US they have been freezing in a polar votex with -37C. The world is burning and changing and it will awaken people. I hope so – we are in the middle of a climate emergency.

Sadly, so far the Pagan world is failing the Earth. Dayan Martinez sums it up neatly here. We are not making the impact on society that is needed and many of us are not showing the leadership that is needed either. Many of the Druid and Wicca groups continue to talk about “nice” topics, perhaps doing a bit of navel gazing, almost oblivious to the chaos that is ensuing in the world around them. Some are not thought, and those Pagans are very aware of what is happening but we remain powerless to stop it.

Extinction Rebellion are gaining traction. The direct action last year made national press and more is planned. There is less than 12 years left to tackle climate change according to the UN. That is not very long, especially when your political system is collapsing and government is focused on trying to resolve Brexit.

I’m getting back into the swing of politics but the Order of the Oak hasn’t commenced. So what to do? We agreed that it could be a membership organisation with a website and meetings and all that but no one was keen to take on roles. Does it need to be looser than that? A collective without rules? Or do we plough ahead to set it up and see who joins?

Maybe it’s a combination? Would a £1 nominal membership be better? We can pay for a website with just 35 members. Do we want to meet at direct action events to perform rituals?

The Oak symbolises strength and leadership. We will need both as we plunge into the economic and environment collapse. Leadership to speak out against the Sixth Mass Extinction, the Climate Crisis and the political and economic bollocks that has infected our so called societies. We need the power of the Oak to see us through these dark times.

It is time for the Oak King to awaken.


5 thoughts on “Awakening

  1. Ryan Cronin

    The question is, do we need another Order to do this work, or should we who are members of the established Druid and Pagan groups like OBOD, the Pagan Federation, etc, lobby them to speak out as Pagan/Druid representatives and offer a Pagan perspective on climate change? I feel that many Pagans probably are involved in political action as individuals, but this doesn’t seem to translate into collective Pagan action – perhaps because Pagans are concerned not to be seen as evangelical or proselytising?


    1. stuartjeffery

      I would prefer to use an exiting order however they don’t seem to be engaged. TDN can’t do political work as it is a charity (although there is a large grey area that it could step into), OBOD doesn’t seem overly interested at all and while BDO are great there is little coming from that quarter.

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      1. Ryan Cronin

        Fair enough. Have you seen the theme of this year’s Druid Camp? It’s “Druidry in a time of crisis”, which might provide some opportunities for connecting with like-minded folk.


  2. stuartjeffery

    Absolutely! I gave a talk on activism there last year where I floated the idea of the Order of the Oak so I’m really looking forward to this one!


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