Sacred generations

As Druids we often honour and give thanks to our ancestors and we honour the ancient dead. But I have yet to see much written or said about the generations yet to come.

How can we honour our descendants? How can we respect those not yet born?

The Native Americans are said to think seven generations ahead. They get the need to think in the long term. Modern life has us thinking a few months ahead or a year at most.

But it is those future generations who are at risk from our actions now. We dishonour them every time we commit a climate crime that pushes the environment closer to the brink of collapse, every time we buy unnecessary plastic that will end up choking our seas and its creatures and every time we shun our communities in favour of glitz and glamour.

So let’s take time to ponder our decisions and actions. Let’s consider everything we do as if it will have a real impact on our children and their children. Let’s start honouring the future generations as well as those who went before us.

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