Waxing lyrical

Blogging has waned in recent years and it is time to wax again.

I am as guilty as others. There is an instant gratification from posting something short and pithy on Facebook or Twitter that then gets shared or liked by people. There is instant appeal from the one or two line of prose to my audience of like minded people – they respond well and if they are rude I can defriend them. Instagram, which I haven’t yet mastered, just seems to allow pictures to be posted and a picture can tell a thousand words it is said, but not when that picture is another inane kitten pic. 

Yes, I have a bubble in which I deliver superficial messages but it feels good.

My FB and twitter friends (I have never met the majority of them) are self selecting. They are often friends of friends, people who move in similar circles elsewhere in the country. They mostly think the same as me and rarely disagree with me which makes the feedback quite positive. Positive feedback makes me feel good, it makes me think I have the right answers to life.

But life isn’t like that. Problems are complex, nuanced and should be viewed through a variety of lenses. Most people in the world do not lead the life of privilege that as a white British middle class man who has a post grad degree and a highly paid job that I do (it wasn’t always that way – I have been very poor and have slept rough too). The lens that I view the world with means that I don’t always understand what it is like for others, especially in my pithy one line tweets.

We are in an increasingly complex and unstable world. One increasingly beset by extremism and hatred, by pollution, climate change and turmoil. We must start to be a little more nuanced, to tell narratives and to look at different view points.

My favourite blogger, John Michael Greer, has not succumbed to the superficial. His blog posts are a good five minute read. They make detailed arguments and come to reasonable conclusions. He is quite right wing and I disagree with him on many issues but he opens my eyes and is often right.

So let’s have a resurgence of blogging, decent argued pieces. Let’s wax lyrical.

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