Roll up you sleeves

The world as we know it is dying. That is natural, everything dies, but in its death throes its human animals are becoming mad. And although death is natural, it is man that is killing it – which for most of us causes tension beyond that which we can cope with.

What is more, it is not time for the world to die. It is too early. It has been brought on by us and our ‘civilisation’ and by our development of farming.

Recently I came across this article by Derrick Jensen: ‘As the Amazon burns it is time to roll up our sleeves’. The article sets out quite clearly what the end of the world looks like. It is quite shocking in its bluntness – but then death is often quite shocking.

The ends: As the writer Lierre Keith often says, “If there are any humans left 100 years from now, they are going to ask what the fuck was wrong with us that we didn’t fight like hell when the world was going down.” Many of us who know history might have fantasies of how we would have acted were we alive under German occupation in World War II or under British colonial rule. Right now, we are facing the end of the world. We have the opportunity and the honor to protect the planet that gave us our lives. The time is now. Roll up your sleeves and get to work. Life on this planet needs you.

I have been accused of being a domestic extremist on many occasions. I suspect that I’m in a police database or two (and if I’m not then I haven’t worked hard enough). But if I was was in France in 1942, I would hope that I would be in the Resistance, if Star Wars was real I hope I would be in the Rebel Alliance, so I am proud to be in Extinction Rebellion and other groups that are trying to stop the destruction of the Earth – as long as it is done without violence.

We need to work with our communities to stop the harm. We need to help people wake up to the living planet that we are part of. We need to work with our gods and goddesses. We need to look after ourselves and show others how to look after thenselves. And most importantly, we need to show leadership in all that we do.

It is time to roll up our sleeves.

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