XR Ritual

Very pleased to have led a small ritual at the ‘Faith Bridge’ (Lambeth Bridge) at the start of two weeks of rebellion. We stood in the shadow of the seat of colonial power, the UK Parliament, while a helicopter hovered overhead and hundreds of policemen surrounded various bits of roads and, or course, the protestors.

It was disorganised of course! We should have been on the bridge but the police had secured that. The protest was moved to the roundabout on the western side by the park. It was good natured and very friendly.

The ritual was small but could have been slightly bigger as I found a few Druids in the crowd afterwards who couldn’t find us.

While I say I led the ritual, it was my new friends in the picture who did the real work! I really just asked for it to happen…

So pleased to have been part of this and to know that I am on the right side of history and the right side of Nature.

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