A new hope

Yes, I may have nicked that title but it is a good one particularly when there is so little hope around.

The year just gone has seen appalling fires in Australia doubtless fuelled by climate change yet with a government who still don’t accept the need to change. A Conservative majority government elected by a minority of voters, a government that has no regard for humanity or the planet. Record wild fires in the Amazon and arctic tundra, melting glaciers that weren’t supposed to melt for another 60 years. CO2 levels have reached record levels and the COP which doesn’t seem to be making progress. I could go on!

But the world is starting to wake up. The Extinction Rebellion movement brought the problems into stark relief through 2019, headlining the need for change. Greta Thunberg has soared to prominence with her environmental message. The environment has moved up the political agenda.

We are starting to see a change. It is at the grass roots but it is there. There is a new hope and we must seize it and nurture it.

That means doubling down on what is working. The protests, the politics, the personal changes, the conversations.

It is time to focus on the future and its needs.

It is time to stop flying and to eat less meat – the two key personal actions that will make a difference.

It is time to connect with Nature. To recognised that we are part of Nature. To revere Nature.

It is time to build communities, to share skills, to work collaboratively towards common goals.

It is time to grow up and make a future for our children.

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