Beltane blessings: learning and hope

The wheel is turning a little more erratically this year. All our lives have been turned upside down. Many of us forget which day it is (even more than we would usually forget). Lockdown has brought frustration, grief and anger to human people but it has brought us learning and hope too.

Many of us have learnt how to spend each day at home respecting other people’s space in that home. Some of us have learnt how to stay at home alone for long periods. Others will have seen relationships destroyed either through death or the simple realisation that they are with the wrong person. It is all learning though.

We have learnt not to travel unless we have to. We have learnt to Zoom, not just in our more shamanistic meditations but also to chat with family, friends and colleagues. We have learnt to stand in long cold queues so that now we only queue when we need to. Many have learnt new bardic skills, painting, music and writing. Others have re-learnt the joy of books.

We have learnt what the air should smell and taste like now that the traffic has gone. We have learnt how many early deaths can be saved by having air fit to breath.

We have learnt how noisy the birds are and we have learnt how the non-human people quickly enter our towns (…the goats).

We now need to hope that we can soon hug each other again. Hope that we can take off the face masks and see people smile. Hope that we don’t return to pre-covid days completely but that the lessons we have learned are carried forward. Hope that society understands that it can work together to tackle future emergencies. Hope that our NHS and care workers have the right amount of PPE for the future.

So at this time of Beltane we can reflect on out learning and pray for our hopes. We can welcome in the vibrant new life and jump our virtual fires. We can hold a horn of mead to our Zooming friends and make love to our partners. We can rejoice in our daily exercise and we can thank the Verse, the Field, and the Great Spirit for the experience of life.

Beltane’s blessings to you all!

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