Right relationships, leadership and Orwell

Well I wasn’t planning on saying anything about this on this blog. I have been expressing my anger elsewhere but a comment about ‘right relationships’ being a key theme of Druidry keeps buzzing round my head asking to be shared.

“Based on reverence and respect for life itself, and the practice of seeking
honourable relationship with all, Druidry guides us to live with truth and
responsibility.” from The Druid Network.

Leadership is a quality, indeed an archetype, that we all have. Some use it to good effect, maintaining self discipline over our lives by avoiding addictions and keeping balance. Others use its shadow forms for self gain and control over others.

It is that immature shadow form of leadership that we saw last night. One that combines irresponsibility with dishonesty. One that considered the wishes of a friend more important than the trust of the country.

Right relationship with Nature, with people and with self are essential qualities. How can we hope to live sustainably on a crowded planet without these? How can continue to live without truth when the truth is needed to keep us safe?

The country has awoken to the realisation that we are all equal but some are more equal than others, to cite Orwell. Indeed the country is awakening from a truly Orwellian world in which facts are changed to suit the needs of the time, to cite another of Orwell’s great works.

We can only hope that the shadow king, the shadow leadership archetype, leaves the podium for good and that a mature leader steps forward to guide with honour, decision and calmness but most of all with truth and right relationship.

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