Air, spirit, inspiration and exhausts

As the lockdown begins to break and cars return to the roads the smell of traffic, the pollution from exhausts, becomes quite stark.

Two months of cleaner air. Smelling the flowers and breathing in the morning freshness have been one of the few good parts of the pandemic. Air that is safer to breathe – provided that air has not come from someone less that two metres away of course.

But this morning the cars have started to return. The smell of burnt petrol and diesel hitting me full in the face each time they pass. That smell was there before but constant and unnoticeable.

To breathe is to inspire. Our spirit is sometimes defined by air. To inspire is to give us spirit as well as inspiration. Exhaustion needs rest followed by inspiration and exhausts pump out pollution that really shouldn’t be inspired.

So while the lockdown begins to fade, while the virus increases its spread and while deaths increase once more, sadly Nature will once again become exhausted rather than inspired.

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