A couple of days ago my previous post simply was a headline that stated that Black Lives Matter. There was no text, no story, no explanation. That felt right. It was one of my most read posts.

Today I will be kneeling with my black brothers and sisters because they need all our support. I will be at the back supporting the three local black people who will lead the protest.

As a white male middle class person who has been afforded “privilege” I find it difficult to fully understand the utterly ingrained nature of racism. I have not had the lived experience. But just because I haven’t experienced something doesn’t mean it isn’t very real.

I was lucky enough to hear a Harvard professor explaining a piece of research that he had carried out. Two pairs of men, mid twenties, similar height, build, dressed the same, one pair were white the other were black. He got them to stand by a zebra crossing and measured the time it took for the cars to stop to let them cross the road. The black men waited twice as long on average. This was a statistically controlled study involving random car drivers. Racism can be measured and it is ingrained. We must work far harder as a society to change this.

So please check social media this morning and find out where your nearest protest is so that you can kneel in solidarity with fellow humans who are rightly sick of being treated so badly.

No photo description available.

All lives do not matter until black lives matter.

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