Time of The Tower

Firstly a hat tip to John Beckett who inspired this post in his latest commentary about Tower Time.

Disaster striking, chaos, collapse and destruction are the meanings generally attributed to 2020, sorry I meant The Tower card in the Rider-Waite-Smith tarot. We have certainly seen the start of this with the current covid pandemic, the oncoming economic collapse that will shortly follow, and of course the climate cataclysm that the pandemic has hidden from view. The Tower is falling and will continue to fall for some time to come.

The Tower

The climate crisis and the covid crisis are connected at many levels. The pandemic spreads through people travelling. Here in the UK the first cases came from Italy where people were on holiday skiing. It is the reason that Wales has taken the sensible step of restricting travel to 5 miles. Our desire to travel has driven the spread of covid and exacerbated climate change.

How sad it is that the UK government has failed to stop incoming flights, only just stating that people arriving should self-isolate for 14 days as if they are going to do that! It has very publicly flouted its own rules by defending the PM’s advisor who decided that he was exempt from the rules he created.

The lifting of lockdown has triggered awful behaviour from large sections of the country. Beaches overflowing with people and litter, a stampede for holiday flights and high streets becoming crowded again. And only about 10% of people bothering with a facemask.

Poorer people, BAME people, those in areas of high air pollution and of course those working in health care are all at far higher risk that the rich and powerful in society. Division has never been more stark and perhaps that has helped fuel the BLM protests, protests that I welcome.

We are in for a tough few years and it is time to prepare ourselves. Some of us won’t make it – the second wave of covid will hit soon and take more of us out – and many of those who survive will be poorer than before.

So what do we need to do? The answers are very similar to those in both the fight against climate change and the adaptation that is needed to cope with it.

  1. Build communities. Look after your neighbours, your family, your tribes. Work together on solutions. Grow food, keep your neighbourhood safe, work out what you collectively need.
  2. Get out of debt as fast as you can. The added resilience of not having debt around your necks will be essential over the coming year. If you can’t get out of debt then reduce your outgoings and save money where you can. Do you really need all those subscriptions, all those new bright shiny things, a new car, a bigger house – of course not.
  3. Learn practical skills. Gardening and food growing are essential. Being able to fix things will be increasingly important as new things become more scarce and more expensive.
  4. Keep an eye on what is happening. Educate yourself about covid, climate change, economics, Nature, and so on. You will make better decisions if you understand the facts.
  5. Connect with the world around you. Spend time in Nature every day and if you can’t get outside much remember that Nature is as much in your living room as in the wild lands.
  6. Connect with the world in you. Work with your deities, with the universal consciousness, with your spirits and soul. Spend time alone if you can.

Above all, stay safe. Wear that face mask, particularly in shops and public transport, continue to socially distance and don’t be tempted to go wild.

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