Lughnasadh Blessing…

Firstly, may I wish all of you bright blessings for Lughnasadh, particularly at this most difficult time.

Lughnasadh celebrates the first harvest, the death of John Barleycorn, the cutting of the ripened grain. It is the beginning of the end of the growing. A fitting celebration each year and now for humanity.

Yesterday saw the third hottest UK day on record, arctic sea ice is at a record low for the time of year, CO2 levels continue upwards and there is a bug going round that may have “only” killed under a million so far, but has the potential and virulence to kill many more.

In the UK, we have a prime minister who has moved from a charismatic bumbling jovial person to incompetance and complacency. My friends and I have little idea about the infection control restrictions which continue to fluctuate daily and are ignored by many.

A particular shout out to my Muslim friends who learned yesterday that their Eid celebrations are now severely curtailed. Imagine if the PM had announced on Christmas Eve that families couldn’t see each other on Christmas Day? There was no need to announce this the evening before (unless you wanted to scapegoat a group of people…)

So celebrate this time of year, whatever your religion, and do it quietly and gently for the Earth is hurting. Do it with love for our planet and fellow people. Do it for future generations who will inherit the mess we are creating.

Blessings to you all.

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