Silent Autumn

The findings of the WWF’s Living Planet Report published this week are stark. Two thirds of the animal population have disappeared in the past 50 years. 8% have gone in the past two years alone. This is what the sixth mass extinction looks like.

Our living planet, Nature, the Earth, is being actively and systematically killed by humanity and its failings. There remains a denial of the problem at all levels of global society, not just in the bizarre world of Trump but right through humanity.

The BBC replied to complaints by a number of my friends stating that the ‘the notion of their being a climate emergency is the subject of some debate’. The denial runs as deep in the climate emergency as it does in the wider ecological emergency.

As a Druid, this hurts. One of the themes of Druidry is that of truth. “Tell the truth” shout XR to the media and politicians. They shout that for good reason.

It hurts too as Nature is sacred. Our gods are being killed by our fellow human people.

The question is always what should we do?

  1. Tell the truth. We have our own media now. Don’t limit it to your own bubbles but tell it more widely (and wear a thick skin for some of the replies). Talk to your elected representatives, tweet the corporations, write to papers and wave a placard.
  2. Reduce our footprints. Stop flying and consuming unnecessarily. Buy local and ethical. Eat less meat (give it up if you can).
  3. Remember the sacredness in Nature. Worship and honour her whenever possible.
  4. Tell the truth…

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