A time of balance (or not)

The Autumn Equinox, Mabon or Alban Elfed (the festival of the elves). A time of balance, the moment that light and dark are equal. But a moment that sees us on a journey towards darkness, towards winter and death.

The news this month has been the opposite of balance. Arctic sea ice at its second lowest ever, the northern hemisphere recording its hottest summer ever, the UK failing almost all of its biodiversity goals, the World Wildlife Fund’s Living Planet Report identifying that the animal population has fallen by 68% since 1970, 8% in the past two years alone.

The early signs of ecological recovery during COVID1 have been snubbed out as we head into COVID2. Is 2020 the Earth’s Annus Horribilis?

The UK government is going full steam on major construction projects, ignoring that it has already declared a climate emergency and that most of these projects will increase CO2 emissions. HS2 will reduce travel times by a few minutes at the expense of ancient woodland and its creatures.

It’s all about the economy and how to squeeze a little more growth out of it. Have they forgotten that many don’t need to travel to work now? Particularly those who will be using HS2…

So it is all the more incumbent on us to speak out. To speak for the Earth, Sea and Sky. To walk the walk and talk the talk. To celebrate life and death. To speak truth to power. But to do these with balance and reason.

I will be celebrating the festival of elves this evening and into that celebration I will renew calls to protect the Earth and renew my vows to stand strong against the humans who are killing the world around us.

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