The Opinions of Evil Slime

I’ve tried to be quiet. I’ve tried to let others get on with the so-called discussions. But I think I need to say something…

If you ask for my opinion on a topic:

  • then feel free to discuss my opinion with me but do not attack me for holding the opinion
  • then this needs to be because you are interested in what my opinion is
  • do not ask just so that you own opinion can be validated.

Debate and discussion are essential. Ad hominem attacks are not valid arguments. Just because someone holds a view different to you doesn’t necessarily mean they are wrong, nor does it necessarily mean that they are evil slime that needs to be exterminated.

Debate can help change opinions. Calling people names as a response to them voicing an opinion will not change that opinion, more likely it will reinforce it.

Recognising that your own opinion can change and that you may indeed be wrong really helps when discussing a topic. Going in with the conviction of a sledge hammer may result in the nut bringing its own sledgehammer out.

Someone may indeed be evil slime but that shouldn’t stop you debating with them. Everyone is a mixture of light and dark. Those qualities can change in nuance over time. Better to debate than reinforce them.

The evil slime may produce something interesting, even good. They make want to work and earn money to feed and clothe themselves. The reactions of some towards evil slime would suggest that these basics should not be allowed.

Even evil slime can do good. In fact they are likely to.

But remember we are all a balance of light and dark. A balance of evil slime and bright blessings. Without some darkness there is no light. Without light there is no darkness.

Remember too, that the balance can change through debate and discussion but it won’t change through name calling and entrenchment of position.

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