Say hello, wave goodbye

This idea of increasingly large waves bearing down on us is superbly put by this cartoon. Humanity is not only facing increasing large and distinct disasters but it can’t see beyond the current unfolding one.

There is something within our psychology that blocks the longer term vision. We fail to consider the impact of our decisions on people in seven generations time as the Iroquois do:

“In our every deliberation, we must consider the impact of our decisions on the next seven generations.”

We see no further than our own immediate future needs, yet we live in the time of greatest affluence and support. A time in human history when we should be able to consider the wider and most distant pictures like never before, yet much of our time is spent watching Netflix.

The lockdowns of Covid should add to this period and opportunity of reflection. Newton developed calculus and other theories during the lockdown of the plague of 1665. Modern day humans seem focused on getting Zoom to work.

We increasingly distance ourselves from Nature by our focus on entertainment and technology just at a time that we need to understand Nature most. We rightly shut ourselves away in lockdown but then many of us fail to use the time as an opportunity.

While we lockdown and turn inward our world continues to heat, to burn and to suffer. We are making Nature suffer and as we are Nature too, we in turn will suffer. While we fail to make those connections, fail to understand the interconnected of all, we consign ourselves to a worsening future.

The title of this blog post is from a song by Soft Cell from one of my favourite albums but that also plays to the entertainment theme. While the title suits the mood of the blog post, the song itself doesn’t however… there is another connection. Marc Almond (brilliant, brilliant singer / musician who I got to see at the Bowie tribute proms and who’s latest album is also excellent – have I effused enough…) announced earlier this year that he is studying Druidry.

So, Hail and welcome to you Marc!

One thought on “Say hello, wave goodbye

  1. Astute observations and wise insights. I read a book at some point about an earlier time of climate change and once again though people knew it was coming they plunged off the cliff in any case. As a species we are indeed not long sighted for the most part.


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