If we had been meant to fly then Nature would have given us wings.

Who would have thought as we headed toward Samhain last year that we would be spending most of 2020 locked down, unable to socialise and many millions of people would lose their jobs while others worked excessive hours.

As Covid 2 begins its crashing wave from the north of England towards the south, the mood of many is dropping rapidly. A few weeks of semi freedom in late summer isn’t enough for most people. The thought of not being able to celebrate Yule / Winter Solstice / Christmas with family and friends is not a happy thought (although I guess some may welcome it!)

The rapidity with which Covid is spread is a symptom of our unsustainable lives. Humans have faced plagues regularly over the millennia of our existence but it is only in these times that the spread could have been so quick. We have the ability to travel the globe like no other generation and the impact of doing so is felt in many ways including the spreading of disease.

Don’t get me wrong. It would have still arrived on our shores in the 14th century / without air travel but it would have taken a little longer to arrive and we could have prepared ourselves better for it.

Part of the prevention that I had dearly hoped to see was the continued reduction in air travel which remains one of the most ecologically damaging ways to travel and really sits as the shining example of our disassociation with Nature. If we had been meant to fly then Nature would have given us wings.

Our unsustainable lives help drive the Covid pandemic just as they continue to wreak destruction on Nature. We fail to honour Nature at our peril.

But many of us will have time on our hands in the second inevitable lockdown so we need to make the most of it. Make changes to our lives. Campaign for a better way of living. Honour our gods, goddesses and Nature. Plan better lives for the future. And work out how to have a break from work without flying away.

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