Why a Druid voice? My increasing frustration with the lack of Druid commentary on current affairs, particularly the environmental destruction that is being metered out by the corporate world, politics and society, but also their impact on people.

As an activist I have campaigned for many years on ‘green’ issues. I have taken part in hundreds of protests and organised many of them. I have spoken out regularly as a Green politician and I have stood for election many times. But I am also a Druid, Pagan and Animist and all I hear are Christian voices in the media.

Not only do I rarely hear Druid or other Earth centred religious voices, there seems to be a great reluctance for fellow Druids to speak or act on political issues. I have raised my concerns over the past year on the two Druid fora that I subscribe to and there are concerns that Druids should not comment on politics, current affairs and the like. But I ask why?

I have listened to the Archbishops of Canterbury speak on politics many times, I’ve hear the current Pope speak brilliantly on social justice, I listen regularly to Thought for the Day on Radio 4, and I admire organisations such as Ekklesia who campaign for religious thought to be heard in public life. Of course there are a few notable examples of Druids voices, such as John Michael Greer and Nimue Brown but we need more!

As another Christian site points out quite succinctly, our civilisation is unsustainable and it is destroying the environment. As Druids, we hold the land, sea and sky at the heart of our religion so why are we not speaking out and taking action in defence of that which is sacred? I think it is about time we did so.

Stuart Jeffery /|\