Active Druidry

The tag line for the blog, Pray with Your Feet is “there is nothing more truly spiritual than a radically activist life”. McIntosh and Carmichael, in Spiritual Activism, state “activism is all about putting our highest values into practice in the world”.

I use the word “active” rather than “activism”. The latter seems to worry some people, for some it means breaking the law, but for me it is concerned with being active in the pursuit of what is right, what we believe in, and as Druids what we hold sacred. It is putting our beliefs, morals and ethics into our lives, living them and championing them.

Being an Active Druid may mean that I sign a petition to protect a woodland from developers, it might mean that I write to my local paper calling for the local council to help the homeless, volunteer at a local nature reserve or it may involve putting my freedom at risk locked on outside a fracking site so that work can’t continue.

No one I know wants to take an action that breaks the law but there are occasions when it might just be necessary just as long as the action is non-violent. Taking a non-violent stand is a tough thing to do but standing up for Nature, the oppressed within human and non-human societies, the poor, the weak and the vulnerable is surely what we should, as Druids, be doing.

But it is not just taking a stand. How we live our lives each day and how we relate to others is part of Active Druidry:

  • Should we fly? Emissions from aeroplanes are growing quickly and have a disproportionate impact on climate change.
  • Should we eat meat? Live stock farming accounts for more greenhouse gas emissions that transport.
  • Should we boycott unnecessary plastic? We’ve all seen what has become of the oceans.
  • Should we refuse to buy products from unethical companies or countries?

All of these are difficult to change and for most people there are no absolutes. But as Druids maybe we should be thinking a little harder about the impact of our actions on the world around us.

Earth leadership by example and honouring that which is sacred is what being a  Druid means to me. That is Active Druidry.